DaVinci Days 1996

Here's some pix and clips from the 1996 DaVinci Days festival in Corvallis, in particular, of the Trebuchet; for this year's info, see DaVinci Days 1997.

DaVinci Days Trebuchet

Snapshots of the Trebuchet

Just what is a "trebuchet"?

A baby trebuchet

The big one!

The crowd watching the trebuchet

The Remains of a Launch

Movie clips of the Trebuchet

Tossing a DecPrinter
(15fps@320x240 AVI, 8.5M)
(2fps@160x120 AVI, 400K)

The last fling
(15fps@320x240 AVI, 6M)
(2fps@160x120 AVI, 240K)

Stopping it afterwards
(15fps@320x240 AVI, 12M)
(2fps@160x120 AVI, 800K)

DaVinci Days Kinetic Sculpture Race

Snapshots of The Kinetic Sculpture Race

The Brain

Paddle Wheeler

Big Wheels