Gay & Single

You may have figured out by now that I'm gay (and single, hint hint :-) ). I've always had an interest in guys, but grew up in very conservative, small rural towns, and liked girls just enough to cloud the issue. As a result, I didn't "come out" until 1987 or so, after another friend came out to me and we worked through it together.

I'd like to find that special someone who would enjoy watching the sunset on the beach cuddling and whom I could spend the rest of my life with. The man of my dreams is George of the Jungle, as portrayed by Brenden Frasier in the recent movie. The physique is certainly nice, but much more interesting is his playful, mischevious, caring, personality. I'm not expecting Mr. Perfect however.

There are some "codes" floating around the net for describing people, so here's some quantifiable data on how I see myself:

Bear Code: B0 w+ c g k s(-) e- h- r

Bears are large, cuddly, furry creatures, though we do come in many varieties. The above quantifies my "bearish" characteristics, and the link will take you to a page describing what the codes mean.

Geek Code: GCS !d- s:+ a C++$ UB++++$ P++ L- !E- W+(+++)$ N+$ !o K? w$ !O !M !V PS++(+++)>$ PE(+) Y+(++) PGP+ t+(++) 5+(++) !X !R tv>$ b+(++) DI+(++) !D G e++ h(++) !r y+(++)

Geeks are technically oriented, usually in some particular niche. Mine is Computers, probably the most common variety, or at least the most well known these days. It's probably no surprise that this one is the longest...

Smurf Code: S4 b g l y- z/- n o x(-) a u j+

Smurfs are happy, jolly fellas, with a bit of wit, or at least we try. Our success is probably in the eye of the beholder...