The Video Collection

I like dabble a bit with the camcorder, and you will find some of the results here:

DaVinci Days 96
On the weekend of July 20-21, 1996, Corvallis, Oregon held DaVinci Days. One of the events was the flinging of old, dead, pc's throughout the weekend, using the Trebuchet (a type of catapult) used in Northern Exposure.

DaVinci Days 97
They did it again the next year too...

Lincoln City fireworks, July 4, 1997
The Lincoln City fireworks show is interesting in that the pre-show put on by the spectators rivals that of some small professional shows:

Pre-show fireworks (2.8 Meg)
Real-show Finale (2.3 Meg)

Float yer boat (9 Meg)...
...but it's best not done on the rocks. Some folks at a nearby beach house thought about high tide and left a nice long tether on their boat --- only it was a bit too long, and they forgot the other end, so at high tide, the boat moved, and when the tide went back out, it was left high and dry. Here we see my nimble self and the rest of the crew putting the boat on planks so it can wait for the next high tide on something a little milder than rock edges.

Oh well
I hope it wasn't my camera work, but neither of the following two marriages has survived...

Chris & Chris' Wedding
One of my best friends, Chris Paris, married Chris Scarpinatto on July 13, 1996. I was honored to be his best man, and dedicate this page to the happy couple.

Jon & Joyce's Wedding
Another friend got married in June, and I got some clips from that, although I wasn't quite as prepared for this one, and they didn't turn out as well.

Bridal Entry
Feeding the Cake