DaVinci Days 1997

Here's some pix and video clips from the 1997 DaVinci Days festival in Corvallis. All clips are 10fps@320x240 Quicktime/Indeo 3.2. That means Mac, Windows and Unix people can all view them, though dialup users will have to be very patient.


The Trebuchet (tray-boo-shay) was developed as a siege weapon. It was brought into common use during the twelfth century. Trebuchets were used to throw large rocks or balls at castle walls or towers in an attempt to breach the walls. In later years, fire was added to the projectiles. In the year 1502, Leonardo da Vinci was named the architect and Engineer General in service to the Duke of Valentinois. During that time he worked on a variety of catapults and other siege weapons.

Video clips of the Trebuchet

Tossing a dishwasher (1.5M)
(mp4 - 300K)

Burr tries to stop 3,000 pounds of lead (8.5M)
(mp4 - 1.3M)

A direct hit! (2.7M)
(mp4 - 490K)

A range spraying water everywhere was a big hit... (2.8M)
(mp4 - 500K)

and the dishwasher again... (4.0M)
(mp4 - 650K)

adding a printer finally finished off the dishwasher... (3.0M)
(mp4 - 500K)

Kinetic Sculpture Race

What IS a Kinetic Sculpture? Prizes Rules The Teams

Video clips of The Kinetic Sculpture Race

Killer Tomato (1.8M)
(mp4 - 215K)

Maltese Fulcrum (2M)
(mp4 - 280K)

Spirit of Mugga Flugga (3.4M)
(mp4 - 380K)

Late Knights and Crescent Wrenches (1.6M)
(mp4 - 270K)

The DragonSlayer is slain by the dragon (5.9M)
(mp4 - 680K)

Queen of Denile... (2.6M)
(mp4 - 315K)

...can't deny breaking a chain... (9.0M)
(mp4 - 970K)

...but the Fulcrum comes to the rescue! (6.9M)
(mp4 - 800K)

Lutefisk Forever (1.6M)
(mp4 - 260K)

Free Wheelie (2.6M)
(mp4 - 315K)

Celtic Crawdudes (1.6M)
(mp4 - 190K)

Bone to be Wild (1.8M)
(mp4 - 240K)

Bone-Jovi they're not, but the Bone to be Wild supporters have a lot of spirit (6.9M)
(mp4 - 590K)

Fifi the Kinetic Chia Pet (1.4M)
(mp4 - 150K)

Big Dog (1.4M)
(mp4 - 150K)

Cycling Samurai (1.8M)
(mp4 - 190K)

Humbolt Honker (1.9M)
(mp4 - 230K)

Meet the Beetles (2.1M)
(mp4 - 260K)

Nose (2.4M)
(mp4 - 280K)