House Projects


One of the first projects was to have the old, clunker of a dishwasher replaced. Nothing too exciting...


The other project that needed immediate attention was the floors --- the carpet was awful, and worn out. I want to put hardwoods throughout the house, but that's too expensive, so I had the carpet replaced in all but two rooms --- ones intended to be the office and the library. I decided to give a shot at installing hardwoods myself in the office, and after that decide who would do the library. That's a separate tale though... Somewhat more recently, I replaced the floor in my office.


One of my bigger and more long term project is the theater First task was to get a projector (Sony VPH-1272Q) and get it installed. I got a great deal on it on ebay from Boys Of Thunder (they seem to no longer be around though). The great deal was from them, not ebay, as the price ended up being basically their normal price, but it was still pretty good.

That was last September, 1999. January, 2000 I decided it was finally time to put in the raised floor in the back half of the theater so I could take the back couch off cinder blocks and have "real" "stadium seating". That was a project!

More to come later, but as one of the main reasons to buy this house was for the private backyard, next on my project list is to build a deck extension with a wall to screen off the one open area to the neighbors and then do some nice landscaping to make a cozy, interesting, environment. Eventually, I'd like to have a nice waterfall as well (that one was at the 1999 Street of Dreams; I can only hope I end up with one that nice, though without the concrete).