Alan Batie
3600 SW Par Place
Corvallis, OR 97333
Cell: +1 503-784-3532


Employment Goals:
Full-time Unix-based server-side programming, networking and/or Unix system administration.

1976-1979: Eastern Oregon State College, Physics major
1980-1981: Oregon State University, BS Computer Science

Unix system administrator, with 30+ years of experience and over 20 years of network administration, including IPv6, DNSSEC, low-level network monitoring, firewalls, cisco, juniper and mikrotik configuration. Primary Unix platform recently has been CentOS, but with significant FreeBSD and some Sun Solaris experience. A jack of all trades across programming, administation and networking.

Primary programming language is currently Perl, with good skills in C and PHP. Some experience with Javascript, Java, Python and C++.

Nearly 20 years of experience with NCSA/Apache, cgi and html. Over 10 years experience with MySQL and nearly so with LDAP.

April 2004 - Present: Senior Systems Engineer, Peak Internet
Primary system administrator for ISP with about 40,000 users

Started out as sole administrator, which involved coming up to speed on openldap and making numerous improvements to the environment. Current environment is primarily CentOS on VMware ESX (around 100 vms) against a replicated pair of Netapp fileservers. Notable accomplishments: implementing IPv6 across the internal network, along with beta testing some interested customers, and a mailproxy system that provides for transparent migration of users between mail servers (e.g. during acquisitions) by dynamically routing connections to the server on which the user's mailbox is currently residing. Have implemented DNSSEC internally. Currently working on customer control panel application back ends using perl and some python, regular scripting of various tasks and managinge network firewalls and troubleshooting.

1985-Present: Owner, RainDrop Laboratories
Unix sysadmin, small business owner

Owner/Operator of RainDrop Laboratories (, a small ISP -> hosting provider. Xenix-286 -> SVR3 -> SVR4 -> FreeBSD. Was part of the original RAINet SLIP based network in 1991 which eventually became part of Verio (now NTT). PayPal IPN integration, user account management webapp, contract work on a perl-based custom shopping cart system and a demonstration project for a sophisticated Javascript based web form creation tool.

Dec 2000 - Aug 2001: Software Engineer, Intertrust
Build environment, minor Oracle, Java work

Intertrust acquired PassEdge in Dec 2000. I set up the build environment using gmake and did some minor Oracle database work in Java, as well as Solaris upgrades and miscellaneous Linux support.

Dec 1999 - Dec 2000: Software Engineer, PassEdge
Multimedia encryption/key management server

In Dec 1999, our group at Intel officially became a separate company and started development of a multimedia security product in C++ based on the results of the prototype work. This product was developed on NT and Solaris simultaneously.

1996 - 1999: Software Engineer, Intel
RSVP, RTP standards work;
Multimedia encryption/key management server

Worked with cisco, MCI and the IETF on bandwidth reservation standards and setup a test WAN to experiment with the RSVP protocol. Also implemented a module in C for the open source UCD SNMP package to allow it to monitor RTP (Real Time Protocol) streams. Then worked on server half of a prototype multimedia encryption system based on a paper on multicast security. This led to the group separating from Intel to develop products in this area of Digital Rights Management.

1994 - 1996: Software Engineer, Intel

Created Intel's first public web site. From there, went on to benchmark and performance tune the web server as well as updating the site and working with other groups at Intel to promote its use and obtain additional content. The webserver was a BSD/OS system, with benchmarking including Sun, SGI and AIX machines, as well as NT.

1992 - 1994: Software Engineer, Intel
Unix/Network administrator

3 of us formed an IT group for a new multimedia organization. I was responsible for much of the networking, especially moving into and out of a small, separate, facility, and Unix administration, including both x86 and Sun systems, and an Auspex fileserver (based on Sparc architecture and Solaris).

1987 - 1992: Software Engineer, Intel
cc:Mail gateway
Network administration
some Unix sysadmin

Joined SWCAD group, responsible for internal software environment tools. Heavily involved in development of a cc:Mail<->Unix mail gateway, through several versions. Also involved with conversion to Novell fileservers and network planning.

1984 - 1987: Software Engineer, Intel
Bitbus factory control network firmware, tools, applications and software evaluation.

Initial project was a board that linked Multibus microcomputer systems to IBM mainframes, before moving on to Bitbus tools evaluation. Wrote internal wave solder machine monitor app using Bitbus products and a development application/test/demo program for a "starter kit". Also helped support internal group Xenix systems.

1978 - 1983: Misc student and contract work
Details on request, ranging from COBOL applications to 8080 assembly firmware, as well as student support.

Filmmaking, travel, swimming, reading, home theater